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L.I.NCGR May 2010/Chapter Update


ROBERT COOK                 

When: Thursday, May 13, 2010
Where: At Bonnie Simms home @ 302 Sycamore Ave in Merrick
Time: 7:30 PM
Cost to Members: $ 10 Non-Members: $ 15


                                     About The Lecture
           "Symptoms:  The Voice of the Astrological Chart"

        The astrological chart announces itself to us most vividly through the symptoms it presents.  These symptoms are truly the language of the soul.  They shape and identify who we are as individuals as well as reflect the cultural, political and economic times in which we live.  Tonight we will explore how each planet brings forth its own specific symptoms and offer suggestions and imaginings as to what those symptoms might want from us.  Bring along your chart and your symptoms so that we can illustrate just how those symptoms might hold the key to your individualized destiny.....

                                                About The Speaker

      Robert Cook has been a practicing astrologer for nearly thirty years.  He maintains a full-time practice in Cold Spring Harbor with a world-wide clientele.  He is also on the staff of The Village Institute for Psychotherapy in New York City.

You can contact Robert Cook at or by calling (631)367-8021   

       As a LI NCGR member you are welcome to advertise your practice and/or classes with us free of charge. 
     You can e mail your info as a word doc. attachment to 
Directions to Bonnie Simms’ House
302 Sycamore Ave in Merrick
(From the Southern State Parkway east– exit 24 South (Merrick Avenue), continue down (several lights) to Camp Avenue, (school on your right) make left turn onto Camp Avenue, pass the fire house and continue to Roberta Lane, make a left onto Roberta Lane and take it to the end, several stop signs, and at the end is Sycamore Avenue, make right and it is the third house on right (brown cedar). Tel No.: (516) 546-1973. An important thing to remember is that the numbers are not in sequence so that 302 Sycamore Avenue in next door to 1659 Sycamore Avenue (a little Neptunian)!
Please remember to check your e mails before leaving for a meeting for last minute changes announcements.
Member Services and Workshops
Michael Steinzor
Located in Nassau County , Michael is a “Sensei”, certified Black Belt instructor
with over 20 years experience. He offers classes that are taught in a positive, friendly environment, geared towards the achievement of mental, physical and emotional benefits.
(516) 205-6629

Sandra & David Mosley
Sandra and David live now in Kaaawa , HI and they have their calendar available through their website
They also arrange retreats in Hawaii and have some interesting items to sell. They can be contacted at: (808) 237-7297 or by e mailaddress
Mary Ann Dellinger
Mary Ann offers introductory and intermediate classes. Astrology is the key to an exciting new world. Explore the fundamentals and fill in the gaps. Reinforce what you know and learn what you don’t know.
Classes are located in Suffolk County . (631) 499-5343

                                      CONGRATULATIONS TO MARIA DESIMONE

    Our own Maria DeSimone is now in partnership with the world's leading divination website, in an exclusive video syndication deal. Maria is now their video astrologer and you will now have the option of viewing her weekly video horoscopes either on her website or by visiting the number one astrology website in the world!

April's Meeting
          Mark Woltz's lecture about lunar returns was entertaining and, as usual, enlightening. We explored the lunar returns of Tiger Woods from January through June to determine his emotional responses during these months.
Mark showed how we can figure our own emotional responses by erecting lunar returns, thus perhaps, from those responses figure out what the events will be like during that month.
         We hope Mark will be coming back next year. If you would like to contact Mark you can do so on:   
May 2010- Chapter Update





  5/13 – Robert Cook - "Symptoms: The Voice of the Astrological Chart"

  6/10 – Oracle Quest - Nadia Smirnova-Mireau's Reading

  7/09 – To be announced

  8/12 – John Marchesella – To be announced

10/01 – Member’s Annual Dinner  

10/14 – To be announced

11/11 – Janet Booth – Moon Grooves and Three-peats

12/10 – No meeting


Please remember to check your e mails for any e mails cancelling a meeting before leaving your home or place of work. If you do not or can not check your e mails ahead of time, please call Bonnie’s home (516) 546-1973 and make sure the meeting is still on.
                                     A Note From The Board

Dear Members,


            We continue to welcome knowledgeble speakers bringing inspiring and fun lectures to our group. In addition we will be holding the "Oracle Quest" meeting in June featuring Nadia Smirnova-Mireau's birth chart. 

           The Oracle Quest.  This meeting is where a member pays the chapter fifty dollars and the group will give a reading that can encompass natal, transits, progressions, etc.  We published Nadia Smirnova-Mireau's data and her birth chart in the January update. February's update brings Nadia's relocated chart to New York, you can see it by accessing the newsletters' archives and choosing the January and February's update. In March we published Nadia's 2010 return chart. This month we will publish the Progress Relocated to New York chart of Nadia. She was born on April 17, 1966 at 2:30 AM (-3:00 BAT) in Moscow, Russia.  I am using the Halloran Software. The picture is in the j.peg format, if you want right click your mouse and copy or save the picture on to your computer for further viewing:  


 On our last meeting we handed out to members the hard copy of all four charts. We will also have hard copies at this coming meeting and in June. We want to give members the opportunity and the astrological tools to study Nadia's chart and come prepared to the meeting in June.

If a speaker needs to cancel his/her appearance or can not make the meeting at the last minute we will be ready to go on with the Oracle Quest. So, if you want to participate, please take a moment to look at Nadia's birth chart and make your notes.


Any member interested in having a group reading should let us know. The readings will occur in order of first come first serve.  

How exciting to have a reading from a group of seasoned astrologers!  So, let’s throw our two cents in and have a night of good old astrological fun!


 The Board     


L.I. NCGR Board Members
President: Lenore Grafmuller (631) 543-0228
Vice President: Maria DeSimone (718) 323-5588
Treasurer: Mary Ann Dellinger (631) 499-5343
Secretary: Angelita DeChristopher (516) 797-4952
Webmaster: Nadia S-Mireau (516) 749-2259
Visit our website at:
Membership in NCGR puts you in good company. The National organization publishes a journal and quarterly newsletters of pertinent and interesting articles. There is also a discount on conference fees for members. In addition, chapter members receive our updates, an opportunity to attend our lectures at a discount. You may join or renew at any of our meetings. Just fill out the form, available at the registration desk. Dues are only $55 per year for individual membership or $75 per year for couple membership. If you need a form to be mailed to you, feel free to contact our secretary Angelita DeChristopher at: and she will be glad to send you a membership form.

May 11 @   6:27 PM EST – Mercury station direct

May 13 @   9:04 PM EST – New Moon in Taurus

May 19 @   9:05 PM EST – Venus ingress Cancer

May 20 @ 11:34 PM EST – Sun ingress Gemini

May 27 @   7:15 PM EST – Full Moon in Sagittarius

May 27 @   9:44 PM EST – Uranus ingress Aries!!!

May 30 @   2:09 PM EST – Saturn station direct

May 31 @   2:48 PM EST – Neptune station retrogade