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Artist’s Coaching - Career and Sales

Whether you are an experienced publisher or an artist who is new to the world of giclee reproduction, you will always have questions and concerns about a million things while trying to reproduce your first or each new artwork. We are more than glad to share our experience and knowledge of the technology with you as well as how it enhances your art career and sales.

We provide a FREE consultation to our customers on various subjects related to technical and ethical aspects of the reproduction process as well as give you tips on copyright issues handling and marketing your giclee prints.

If you are not a client but would like to learn about the technology, have your art reviewed and learn how to boost your art career, we offer a one hour personal coaching session $120

Special for beginner artists:

FREE 10 min review of your art and consultation on your potential.

CALL US TO SCHEDULE at 516-208-6203
Submit photos of your art via email to info@ligiclee.com

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