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Professional Artwork Scanning. Direct Scanning. Transparency Scanning

We scan your original artworks directly on our flatbed advanced scanners, creating the highest resolution digital files at 300dpi and up to 3600dpi. After color corrections and proofing these files are ready to be printed on our giclee printers the same size as well as enlarged up to 44" by 120". These high resolution files can also be used in any other publishing ventures, like books, ads, posters, even billboards since precise detail is allowing enlargements 600% and more.

We also scan transparencies & slides.

We specialize in large format flatbed professional artwork scanning or direct scanning.
We can scan any size


Get the Highest Quality Scan

to ensure the Highest Quality Giclee.

Scanning your original oil painting, acrylic artwork, watercolor, old photo, means preserve the image forever.


Your original painting can be sold, donated, sometimes lost or damaged. High resolution digital file gives you an option to make a copy at any time for any purpose. Options include:

- you can use your digital file for promotional materials, like books, postcards, promotional posters
- you can licence your image to fabric or puzzles manufacturers and get paid every time they sell merchandize with your image on them.

DIRECT SCANNING SERVICE for original artwork

We do museum quality flatbed scanning of
your original artwork (ANY SIZE).
The final digital file is of a higest resolution and 
good for printing very large giclee prints up to
44"x120" on our printers or even larger. 


Transparency 8x10, 5x6 or 35ml - we scan it into
a great quality digital file for various applications.
Depending on your final goal, like making a
giclee print or using the file for a book publishing,
we choose an appropriate
resolution and other settings on our scanners.


We also scan 5x6 or 35ml negatives.


Scans require minimal to extencive manupulations
on the 
computer before they can be used for printing.
It includes digital cleanup, 
color corrections, like
brightness/contract, other digital file 
alterations like cropping, etc.
Some of this work is included with our standard scanning price. Additional (optional) work requested by a client is
performed as per separate estimate (see our prices).

We can scan ANY SIZE

See our PRICES

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