is a giclee printing and web/graphic design company. We specialize in providing quality 'all-in-one' services to artists, art dealers, galleries, photographers and publishers from New York, Long Island, nationwide and overseas.

Our office is located in Freeport, Long Island. Only 30 min from Manhattan.

We specialize in archival fine art giclee printing, high resolution direct scanning, web & graphic design, consulting. We love working with artists and take pride being a part of international fine art industry. While approaching reproduction of art with scientific precision and striving for perfection in every aspect of our work we want our clients to feel comfortable working with us whether they prefer to see the process in person or just have email and/or phone communication.

We offer a great environment for the artists to create print editions that exceed their expectations.

Our web design capabilities provide a superior asset to fine art related businesses and independent artists for Internet marketing of their giclee limited editions.

Being artists ourselves we can provide assistance to our clients in digital enhancement, physical embellishing and varnishing their giclee prints on canvas and fine art paper.

We know artists! We serve artists! was founded in 2001 by Nadia Mierau, an artist and a scientist, and has employed many other talented artists over the years. 

Nadia Mierau is a  talented creative woman with scientific approach to art reproduction and passion for design and the world wide web. Striving to help artists which what modern world fine art printing and scanning technology has to offer, Nadia has also found that artists need assistance in promotion of their original work and giclee prints on the internet. Thus in 2005 she started a webdesign branch of the business. She has developed a powerful data base driven dynamic system that allows artists to have a million dollar looking professional art portfolio/online gallery/storefront for a fraction of cost. 

What sets these artist's websites apart from other websites is that they designed very specifically for artists to boost their art art career, to help them with their professional cyber presentation, to have them completely covered in terms of up to date internet technology, so they don't need to worry about anything but their art and creativity.

For Artist's websites go to is proud to work with artists whose private collections include: 

Sir Paul McCartney, 
Jillian Anderson, 
Sir Otto Bismark, 
David Bowie, 
Nicholas Cage, 
Whoopi Goldberg,
Anne Hech, 
Barbara Shuman,
Sir Oliver Stone, 
Uma Thurman, 
Willie Nelson, 
Russian President V. Putin, 
Tatarstan’s President M. Shaimiyev.

In the PRESS
Giclee printing in NY
Broadway play props

We had a privilege to manufacture 22 prints for a Broadway play from the artworks by a great French painter of the 19th century Jean Francois Millet. The play is titled 'Is He Dead?' by Mark Twain.

You'll see the prints we made on stage creating an authentic background for actors.

Websites for Artists and Galleries is building powerful websites for many great artists, art dealers and galleries, boosting their creative businesses, making their online presence maximum professional.

Check our website services at


Beatles project. Shannon. Hard Days Night Hotel.
We are reproducing paintings of acclaimed Beatles artist, Shannon, creating museum quality giclee prints on canvas which are going to grace the walls of the Hard Day’s Night Beatles-themed hotel in Liverpool, UK. Shannon's artwork has been televised on The Tonight Show, David Letterman, Regis and Kathy Lee, Good Morning America, Drew Carey, Oprah, Rosie O'Donnell, Leeza,Comedy Central, Hard Copy, Entertainment Tonight.

To purchase Shannon's Hard Days Night giclee series click below:
Beatles Project

Alexander Zakharov, Russian Miniaturist.
Alexander Zakharov

Alexander Zakharov is recognized as a master
of miniature and is also known for his work in
various print techniques. Since most original works
by the painter are sold, the Giclee prints allow a
wider audience to get acquainted with the work
of this artist. Many of the prints created by us are displayed in major public and private collections, including Fogg Museum of Art at Harvard University, The Portland Museum of Arts and New York Public Library.

for more info go to Alexander Zakharov page

To learn more about Alexander Zakharov visit
his official web site at

Dashi Namdakov, famous Siberian sculptor
Dashi Namdakov is a wonderful artist, his
drawings, sculpture, and jewelry are all quite
unique. Inspired by cultural inheritance of ancient Iranian, Assyrian, and Babylonian civilizations, he expresses his inner world passionately.
Giclee prints produced by from
Dashi's drawings enhance
Dashi's mind blowing sculpture exhibits.

"The Creator is wiser than you, say Dashis sculptures. If you take the world as it is
its secret beauty will come out to you

Dashi Namdakov Official Website

Expressive Living
Art Rep. Inc

Expressive Living, an art consulting service, offers quality personalized art consultations in Long Island and NYC. The Expressive Living inventory of offered art includes originals and giclee reproductions by a lot of talented emerging local artists as well as internationally acclaimed ones.